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WINDY.APP gives accurate and professional weather forecast for kiting, surfing, sailing, fishing and other outdoor activities.
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The IKA SNOW KITE WORLD CUP RUSSIA 2019 will be happy to welcome you in Togliatti from 21st to 24th February, 2019.

by Elizabeth
02 Feb 2019
Profile selection on a spot

When you have already entered the preferred spot you can choose the specific weather forecast profile. Just swipe to the sides and you’ll see forecast model or sports profiles.

by Anneli
25 Jan 2019

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Best places to surf in February
Best places to surf in February

It’s winter season Y'all – let’s surf! Winter storms generate bigger, more consistent swells so it’s time to pack board bags and head to one of these destinations. We’ve gathered the best spots in terms of wave consistency, suitability for all levels (beginner, intermediate, pro), relatively cheap flights and good vibes only atmosphere. Have fun surfing your face off.

by Anneli
11 Feb 2019
Kiteboarding needs your money – spend it wisely!
Kiteboarding needs your money – spend it wisely!

If you once took a control bar and flew a kite on the wind window edge, you’ve got only two ways. The first one – you didn’t understand what it is, took the harness off and forgot about the kite forever. The second one – you are dreaming about getting into the power zone and flying like a bird along the watery and snowy waste.

by Elizabeth
27 Nov 2018
Where to Kite in December: TOP 10 kite-spots worldwide*
Best Kite spots in October
Best Kite spots in October

We Have Prepared a list of best places for Kitesurfing in October for you. This spots selection is based on our experience and best riders all over the world recommendations.

by John
11 Jul 2018

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